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Green Hat Distilled Gin

Eau de Brau Limited Release Extravaganza

This whole thing dates back to 3 years ago, when we got a surprise phone call about a bunch of short-filled cans that, well, would have been a shame to let go to waste. We hastily made time in our schedule and then spent hours opening cans (in John’s case, with a cleaver), distilling that beer into a few (truly too few) precious gallons of spirit.

This year’s (2017) batch has been aging in a whiskey barrel for a WHOLE YEAR! We usually time our Eau de Brau release to coincide with DC Beer Week, but we honestly wanted it to age for an entire year to create something really special.

This isn’t a traditional white whiskey–for one, it’s got hops in it (lots of hops–thanks Public and Corruption!), so we can’t call it whiskey even if we wanted to. The other reason is that we distilled it like an Eau de Vie, with a single pass through the pot and one column, to preserve the delicate beer flavors in a way that often gets lost in a white whiskey type spirit. The name, Eau de Brau, came naturally as the proper signifier of what was inside.

The spirit itself is really cool. It’s got a distinct hoppiness on the nose, but the palate is dominated by crystal malt flavors and a bit of grainy hop notes. The best way to express what it’s like to drink this is to say that it tastes like the wort the beer was made from–the essence of the beer itself. We tend to drink it by itself as a digestif, like you would an eau de vie, but it works well in whiskey cocktails or with ice and an orange twist.

We only made a few hundred half-bottles. Bottles will go on sale at 1pm (12/9) and of course you’ll have the opportunity to taste the spirit beforehand if you’d like. Because of the size of the project, retail distribution will be pretty limited, as well.


Peter and Kat have been working on something new for the last several months, and we are happy to announce the newest member of Capitoline’s line-up has arrived!


TIBER will be dropping on 2/20/18!!!


What is Tiber, you ask? Capitoline Tiber is a blend of bitter, citrus, spice, and ginger.  Named after Rome’s great riverand Washington’s own buried and forgotten Tiber Creek, this unique Apertivo is inspired by the long tradition of Italian bitter liqueurs.  Meant to be enjoyed in any of your favorite cocktails, such as a Negroni or a Bouldevardier or simply over ice with seltzer.

Peter and Kat’s inspiration for Tiber comes from many years of drinking classic Italian bitter liqueurs in their many iterations. Peter first encountered a Campari & Soda in the late 70’s in Rome where it was poured from the iconic pebbled-glass bottle of the time. Kat spent many an hour drinking and mixing with the classic Campari, as well as many Amari, throughout her years managing cocktail programs in restaurants here in DC. Once Capitoline Vermouth was released here at the distillery, we were missing just one vital  ingredient for an in-house, all DC Negroni. After several months of mixing, tinkering, tippling, and testing, Tiber was born. 
The official release party for Capitoline’s Tiber will be Saturday, February 17th from 1-4pm at our distillery.


The official, “out on the town” Tiber celebration will be held at 2 Birds, 1 Stone on February 20th, 6pm-midnight. So please, join us at 2 Birds, 1 Stone on 2/20 for a Best Friends Gang gathering of Tiber and other Capitoline Vermouth cocktails.